Easy Press for Wax Bullet Ammo


About Us

We have developed the EasyLoader press and loading block to service all types of shooting enthusiasts wanting to load their own bullets less expensively and quickly. The EasyLoader is made in America, and has quickly become popular with shooting clubs such as the Cowboy Fast Draw Association, SASS and other professional and amateur shooting clubs worldwide. 

Our EasyLoader press is perfect for gun club members and those who would just like to practice shooting as well as anyone who would like to learn to shoot for home protection. EasyLoader is a fast and easy way for shooting enthusiasts to load their own shell casings and primers in most revolver calibers.

The Cowboy Fast Draw Association has thousands of members all over the world and like many other shooting clubs uses only wax bullets. More and more law enforcement training facilities are using wax bullets, which are both less expensive and safer than real bullets for training purposes. EasyLoader is the first company in the world to produce a fast and easy way to load 50 wax bullets at once. Load 50 fast and Easy!

Our mission at EasyLoader is to develop and manufacture a high quality wax bullet reloading system for the worldwide shooting market focusing on the quick reloading of your own wax bullets for training and practice.

Dale Fryfogle aka “The Virginian”, President

Wax Bullets at close range can be lethal, please practice safety first!

What Our Customers are Saying

I clean up after every shoot here at home, which it is almost daily. The easyloader makes loading much faster. The more a person or club practices, the more an Easyloader will benefit. 

EasyLoader Press is happy to be friends with the holder of the worlds fastest man alive in Cowboy Fastdraw.