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Do wax bullets clog a gun barrel?

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This is actually a common question. Wax bullets like the type used in the EasyLoader Press do not cause you to have to clean your gun more than you normally would. The wax does not clog or affect your rifling. 

You should avoid using bullets made of cheap materials, however. Most of the major wax bullet manufacturers create quality bullets made for general firearm use. Using our EasyLoader Press, you can quickly and reliably load 50 wax bullets at once, even at the practice range.

Wax bullets are typically used in a primed cartridge case, with no gunpowder. The primer provides all the necessary power to propel the wax bullet at low velocities. Wax bullets have been in use for over a century, providing a projectile for use in training, indoor shooting, and shooting competitions where a high velocity metal bullet would be needlessly hazardous. Wax bullets are not normally lethal, and will not penetrate sturdy walls, so they are safe to use indoors or in situations where live ammunition is dangerous.

Wax bullets can be used in a firearm and the firearm can then fire live ammunition afterwards with no issue, as long as the gun is cleaned and properly maintained. Using the EasyLoader Press, ensures your rounds are loaded properly and quickly allowing to focus on your shooting.

The American Cowboy Quick Draw Association

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This association was formed to promote the fun sport of cowboy style shooting, using wax bullets over primers in a quick draw type format, and using 1800’s era weapons with modern timing equipment to measure your shot against your opponent to see who would win the shootout.

The association is a sport for all ages and gender. The targets in the sport are made of steel and will be man sized silhouette targets with a light hole centered in the target at 50" high, targets can be moveable or stationary, but all targets will be the same silhouette, no exceptions will be allowed.

Shooters use firearms that are period correct weapons. All firearms must be factory stock, no trick guns or race guns, tuning is allowed, they must be able to fire a wax bullet over a primer, for the regular class 45 caliber, barrel length 4 5/8 or longer.

For more information about the rules or to get a schedule of matches or join go online to www.acqda.org.

Ammunition shortages can be avoided with wax bullets

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Wax bullets really come into their own when we are faced with increasing gun control measures from the government and firearm safety issues as well as ammunition shortages. Wax bullets can be made quickly and easily by using our EasyLoader press and attachments. Using the EasyLoader will save you both time and money!

No longer having to rely on an outside source for your training ammunition free you up to concentrate on your shooting and not how much ammo you are using. Wax bullets also have the added bonus of being much safer than live ammunition.

The EasyLoader Press lets you load 50 wax bullets at a time and is fast and easy to use. Check out our video on the website: www.easloaderpress.com.

What Our Customers are Saying

I clean up after every shoot here at home, which it is almost daily. The easyloader makes loading much faster. The more a person or club practices, the more an Easyloader will benefit. 

EasyLoader Press is happy to be friends with the holder of the worlds fastest man alive in Cowboy Fastdraw.